Terms and conditions

These terms cover our services to clients of Easy to Read.
  • Each quote is valid for 60 days from the date on the quote. For the quote to remain valid, documents for translation must be provided by the client to us, Easy to Read, within 60 days of accepting the quote.
  • You can confirm your acceptance of a quote by accepting the quote in writing via email, or by returning a signed copy of the quote by email to Easy to Read at info@easytoread.au.
  • Payment to Easy to Read is due within 21 days upon receipt of your invoice, following the delivery of the final file or substantial portion thereof as described within the quote.
  • Cancellation of a service: Cancellation must be communicated in writing by email to Easy to Read. If you decide to cancel your service after accepting a quote, Easy to Read may charge you a portion of the cost to cover any and all work completed up to the date of cancellation. This will include any costs due to our consumer checkers.
  • Easy to Read will provide document changes up to a maximum of two rounds of feedback before delivering the final version in PDF. Further changes will be at additional cost to you, the client.
  • We do not share the personal information or identifying details of our consultants and community checkers.
  • You agree to the third-party terms from any other owners of content within the document/s provided to you. This includes the use of stock images from third-party providers.
  • Stock photos and graphics used within our work are only licensed for the use of developing the resource specified in your quote. No new content or resource may be developed using these images. These images may not be copied or used for any other purpose. Any unlicensed use of images will constitute unlawful use by you, the client.
  • Any information contained in our documents or content is intended as general information only. It does not constitute advice and it should not be taken as a guide to individual circumstances. It may not reflect the latest changes and updates in information.
  • Easy to Read may place an acknowledgement upon final documents which may contain the terms 'Easy to Read' and a link to our website https://easytoread.au/. This may only be removed following discussion and an agreement in writing from us, Easy to Read.
  • All design files and working files remain the property of Easy to Read. These files will not be provided to you unless by prior express agreement in writing. A cost may be charged by Easy to Read to provide access to these files or copies of these files.
  • If design files are provided to a client or a third party, Easy to Read will not be responsible for any changes made by other parties to the files. Easy to Read will not be responsible for any subsequent resources or information developed from those files, or for any consequences of using that information.
  • Payments that have been made cannot be returned in any form without the consent of both parties.
  • Any debt collection fees incurred by Easy to Read relating to overdue accounts will be payable by you, the client.

If you have any questions about these terms, please contact Easy to Read at info@easytoread.au.

Last updated: May 2023

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