Test Easy Read Page

A woman with disability and the words Easy Read.

This page is all about Easy Read.

Easy Read is a way to make information simple and easy to understand.

Another name for this is Easy English.

A woman and a man with disability look t a whiteboard with accessible information.

Easy Read is a way to make information easier for many people.

For example, people who have:

- intellectual disability

- a learning disability

- difficulty reading or understanding information.

A brochure with easy read or easy English information on it.

This is how we make Easy Read:

We use large text and lots of space on a page.

We also use pictures and photographs.

A man with disability thinks about what is good and bad about information. There is a thumbs up and a thumbs down sign above him.

Everyone should be able to understand information clearly.

Everyone should have the information they want and need.

This is a human right.

A woman with disability thinks about where to find easy read or easy English information.

There is lots of Easy Read information on the internet.

You can find information about things like banking, health, voting, work, NDIS and more.

A computer screen shows that there is easy read information on the internet.

Here are some places to find Easy Read information.

See our list of useful websites.

A young woman sits at a desk with easy to read information.

This webpage was made by Easy To Read.

We help to make information easier to understand for everyone.